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Our goal is to graciously serve our customers delicious sushi as well as other Japanese dishes with passion.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude towards our customers. Since Mi-Ne Sushi's opening in 1971 at Kumamoto, Japan, we have since opened three more locations in Kumamoto as well as nine sister locations in the fiercely competitive city of Hong Kong. We aspire to keep the traditions of Japanese food culture alive while striving towards perfecting our taste as well as providing a gracious environment to be enjoyed with the company of family and friends, on any event or celebration.

Miyazaki of a representative
selecting carefully in material
by hand own in a market

I want a visitor to eat delicious sushi.

In 1971, with the desire to provide delicious sushi to our customers, Mi-Ne Sushi opened in Kumamoto, Japan. Every morning an experienced fish buyer purchases the fish from the market to be masterfully prepared by our chefs for your pleasure. At this time we currently offer four locations in Kumamoto including sushi-kappo (traditional Japanese cuisine) and a conveyor belt sushi restaurants as well as a delivery-only location.

In April of 2004 we opened a conveyor belt sushi restauran in Pak Sha Road in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong aspiring to introduce the Hong Kong public to delicious handmade sushi instead of the robot-made sushi prevalent in Hong Kong at the time. Using the same sushi-grade fish used at our locations in Kumamoto, our chefs who have been trained in Japan offer delicious sushi at a reasonable price to great acclaim leading to the conveyor belt sushi restaurant boom in Hong Kong.


The Japanese chefs of Kumamoto's Mi-Ne Sushi, who have gone through the arduous training of becoming a sushi chef, teach the knowledge and skill required to creating genuine sushi that we strive everyday to provide for our customers.


With years of experience discerning quality ingredients and building lasting relationships with manufacturers and distributors, we will provide our customers with delicious sushi using the finest ingredients.


By using vinegar especially made for Mi-Ne Sushi and our customized ratio of vinegar to rice, the finest sha-ri or sushi rice is created. When prepared by our expert chefs the vinegar flows through the palate the instant it is put into your mouth.


Kumamoto Prefecture lies in the center of Japan's Kyushu island. Known for its many natural attractions--Ariake Sea borders the western side and to the east sits Mt. Aso and Shirakawa Suigen(springs)--it is blessed with many natural resources. At Mi-Ne Sushi Kumamoto we not only make use of hand-picked ingredients that represent the area, but also other ingredients that were carefully selected to serve to our customers that not only appeal to the palate but the eye.